About Us

Umbiyozo is an umbrella youth development organisation uniting and servicing 18 community-based, traditional song-and-dance troupes across Cape Town’s townships. The alliance—or “Umbiyozo Family”—enables inter-troupe support and solidarity. The services—such as programming, merchandising, and marketing—equip troupes’ youth with the resources and opportunities to successfully transition into adulthood and contribute to their communities. Umbiyozo transforms troupes into sustainable agents of youth development.

"Umbiyozo—an IsiXhosa word—is the greatest celebration: Music. Movement. Inspiration. Community. - Jason

Our Troupes

Troupes enable kids to utilize their musical and dancing gifts and realise their dreams in life by providing performance opportunities, ongoing practices, mentoring, and much more. They’re headed by heroes in their community called facilitators; the facilitators work closely with select older members called captains; and the facilitators and captains play vital roles in the lives of all other troupe members.

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